YCDL Music

Artist Management, A&R Scouting, Music PR/Promo

YCDL was born 1992 in Bielefeld, Germany to a French/Silesian family.

She started playing the Cello when she was 7 years old and soon discovered her interest in pop culture. After working in musical theatre as an assistant to the director she left for university to concentrate on her

Bachelor in Popular Music.

Relocating to London in 2017 she worked for Space Promotions Music PR and now manages her first act, a young Singer/Songwriter from the British capital; more information soon. Furthermore she works as a freelance A&R Scout for Ganbei Records.

Apart from that she is currently doing her Master's in Music Industry Management working on her dissertation and an accompanying project on women in the music business with a focus on A&R.


YCDL worked with (click on photos):